With over 35 years of experience
Captain 独创英语教学-梁式六句真言 The Six Sentences Of Truth.
这门专为华校生制定的英文课程系由资深王牌讲师 Mr. Captain Leong 主讲及指导。中英双语讲解。他拥有超过 35 年的英语教学经验,过去曾在各大公司或机構受聘为专业讲师。他的独特教学方法, 幽默生动, 深入浅出,容易吸收明白。跟其它烦闷的教学方式大不一样。他可以让你轻轻松松学习英文而无须背负过多的压力和恐惧。保证学生课后受用无穷。对英语的灵活运用,听, 写, 看, 说, 读, 得心应手, 进步神速。从此无需再惧怕英文,尤其在语法和会话方面的灵活运用,收放自如,融会贯通。

This English course, specifically designed for students from Chinese schools, is taught and guided by the experienced and renowned lecturer, Mr. Captain Leong. The instruction is bilingual, in both Chinese and English. With over 35 years of English teaching experience, Mr. Captain Leong has previously been engaged as a professional lecturer in various major companies and organizations. His unique teaching method is lively, humorous, and easy to understand, making it easy to absorb the material. It is quite different from other dull teaching methods. He can help you learn English effortlessly without bearing too much pressure and fear. Students are guaranteed to benefit greatly from the course. They will become adept in using English in all aspects - listening, writing, reading, speaking, and comprehending. From now on, there's no need to fear English, especially in terms of flexible application in grammar and conversation.
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